Monday, March 7, 2016

When I read this back in January, I thought why red color; what is the significance of red color in this case. Our discussion on redlining made it clear. It is a sign of racial discrimination. It's very unfortunate to witness this even in today's world. Please read:

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Utopian Nature

    I have been familiar with the idea of “utopia” without having read up on it, until now. Harvey explores how Utopia is synonymous with the city:
“In their early incarnations, utopias were usually given a distinctively urban form and most of what passes for urban and city planning in the broadest sense has been infected (some would prefer ‘inspired’) by utopian modes of thought.” (p. 156)

This seems obvious, but I wasn’t sure how. Why is the philosophical manifestation of Utopia typically the city? Upon further reflection, I considered a rural Utopia: welcome isolation, space to breathe, and enveloped by nature. I realized that the individually-constructed autonomy of a rural Utopia stands in direct contrast of the fundamental idea: Utopia is built by the collective community for the collective community. The autonomy and individualism of the country is more comparable to the American Dream, in ways (using this logic, are the American Dream and conceptual Utopia mutually exclusive/do they directly conflict?).